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I hadn’t run for several days, not since before Christmas. Christmas, unfortunately, despite my great love for it, is a tremendous trigger for my anxiety. Usually the week leading up the holiday is spent with an enormous knot in my stomach as I wait for all my well laid plans…

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I remember my breath tasted funny…like potato chips. As I huffed around the perimeter of the middle school’s field hockey and football fields, I could detect the starchy flavor in the back of my throat and tried to imagine that I was settling down with a can of Pringles rather…

I’m twenty weeks pregnant, half way through a very much longed for pregnancy. I have two other children, one who came when I was twenty, the other when I was twenty-five. Both were easy and uneventful, my youth and high level of ignorance shielding me from most pregnancy anxieties. This…

Me, not caring about being fat, in my awesome denim romper.

The day was absolutely gorgeous. My little boy had tucked his hand into mine and we walked down the causeway in a little lake town in Maine. I felt good. Whole. And we were about to go get some ice cream.

“Mama, look at all those people down there!”


Kirsten Pietraszka

Mom, wife, and teacher who would like to be awesome at all three of those things, but is really only good at, like, one and a half.

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